Monday, March 1, 2010


The worst fear that I ever had when I was little was of the ocean. It sounds weird but after I tell you why you will truly understand why. When I was 6 I watched my cousin get swallowed up by the ocean, the under current swept him off his feet and sucked him out to sea. They never found his body ever and the worst part was that they never had even a memorial for him. Now the 2nd reason was because I watched my uncle, one of the physically strongest man I've ever seen swimming in a more shallow part of the shore and then a big wave came and took him under and after that he never came back up. After those two incidents I didn't go near an ocean for over 6 years. Last year when I was 15 I finally faced it and went into the ocean and now that I've done it I'm very proud of myself though I don't look forward to going into the ocean again.